Saturday, February 1, 2014

Agua Verde Semana 15

Elder House 2. Polícia Federal 1.

We came out victorious again! And this time it all went smoothly. We have to register all of the Americans who arrive directly from the US in the Federal Police station (kind of like the Brazilian FBI), and there´s a lot of paperwork that has to be done in preparation. This was my third time working with them, and by far the best. All of the documentation and registrations were done perfectly. The only speed-bump was their system in Brasilia that hiccuped for a bit. This week, President saw that I have gotten down pretty much all of the office tasks, and as i was leaving the room, said something to the effect of "Elder House, I´m glad you´ve gotten good at all this, cause you´re gonna be here until September..." I let out a big yelp expressing my feeling of oh-no-please-have-mercy-on-me-and-let-me-leave-to-at-least-train-one-more-time! President started laughing a little, so I don´t know if he was talking seriously or not.

The baptism of Elizabeth was awesome. She is a very special little young lady who is going to be a great example to the other primary children.

Terezinha decided that she will be baptized! But they went back to Pernambuco for a little bit, until they move here definitively in a month or so. I think that one of her grandsons will have the privilege of baptizing her in March.

On a side note... the meals with members in Agua Verde are the best in the world. I always think about Aunt Wendy citing the missionaries in her mission "Missionaries need meat and potatoes..." There was one little old lady in the ward who wasn´t able to have almoço with the missionaries for a few months because she had some health problems, but now she is better and she said that she had been praying about what she could make. The result: baby-back ribs, shrimp, and the best fish that i´ve ever eaten!

Anywho, things going well... It´ll be 43 degrees Celsius this weekend. Lets knock doors asking for water!

-Elder House

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