Saturday, February 22, 2014

Agua Verde Semana 18

7 Brazilians, 4 Gringos, 1 Argentinian (or is it Argentine?)

Our new missionários arrived on Tuesday and all of the Elders slept in our house. The house of the secretaries is kind of like the room of requirement... if you need extra mattresses, they´ll somehow show up in the secretaries´ house. If you need more copies of the Book of Mormon, there´ll be a few hiding in some corner of the house. If you need space to put 7 more missionaries for a few nights, on top of the 5 that already live there... almost magically space will appear (along with space to put new bunk beds, because President didn´t want anyone sleeping with a mattress on the floor). At breakfast for all the greenest of the greenies, we made tapioca. Which doesn´t have anything to do with tapioca in the US... ya know, that lumpy pudding. Tapioca here is the closest thing that Brasil has to a soft shelled taco, where you spread some slightly dampened flour from manjioca (I think it´s called cassava in the US... it´s that big brown root in the supermarket that always is with the fresh veggies that nobody knows what it is or how to use it...) on a frying pan with a little bit of butter. This flour ends up sticking to itself and making almost a tortilla like thingy that you can fill with sweet or savory. We used salted beef and smoked provolone... A bit salty, but turned out alright.

On Wednesday we´ll be back at the Federal Police station to register the new foreigners... And finally, I´ll have to renew a visa (never had to do this before). It´ll be my visa! So i´m very interested in the doing all of the paperwork properly.

We were able to find a few new families in our area this week. Two of them are super excited about the Book of Mormon and are searching for an answer. They started asking a bunch of questions that the ministers and pastors from the local churches weren´t ever able to answer. I promised that the the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ could be found in the Book of Mormon, and we found the answers to all of the questions that they had. ALL of them. They were excited to "meet" new prophets like Alma and Nefi, and learn what they taught to the people of the day, and how it would apply to us. I love teaching people who can get excited about "getting to know" the prophets in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the prophets in our days by studying and applying the doctrines they taught.

I love Curitiba. She´s a bit moody when it comes to weather, but her only major flaw is that she doesn´t have cheddar cheese.


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