Saturday, February 15, 2014

Agua Verde Semana 17

Follows: Excerpt from the Elder House dictionary

Ruth (ROO-chi) : Honest seeker of truth and eternal investigator. As of February 2014 has been attending church for more than one year. The missionaries began teaching her as a referral of a referral of a less active who was a referral of a recent convert. She fell in love with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and every week brings her granddaughter to church.

How great it was yesterday to finally invite Ruth to have a baptismal interview, because she is now able to respond positively to ALL of the baptismal interview questions. Sooo... we´re gonna plan a huge celebration for her! (But she still needs a lot of prayers).

This week we´re gonna get a new bishop (and hopefully a new ward mission leader).

Transfers on monday! But transfers aren´t so exciting when you know that there is a 95% chance that you are gonna stay put until you train the next secretary... #notgoingtodiehere

Working like a dog. But not smelling like one.


Elder House

Ok,  you´ll have to pardon the dorky smile, but I remembered to take a picture of a few of the cookies one day...

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