Saturday, January 25, 2014

Agua Verde Semana 14

Temple. Baptism. #goodweek

Happy to report that the baptism of Josenildo last saturday went all well. We were praying to know which member would be right to share their testimony to help Terezinha, (the wife of Josenildo)... and *ding* Sister Edna Mourão popped into mind. So we called her up and she accepted. Terezinha was glued to every word that Irmã Edna was saying. That´s when you know that you aligned your plan to the Lord´s. So we´ll see how she´s doing this week and help her to make her decision as well.

As I write, the font is filling up again for Elizabeth, the 8 year old daughter of our "recem-ativo"... (less-active, turned recently-active). She is super excited for the baptism. Her uncle was going to perform the baptism, until she got scared that he´d drop her like he did with their neighbor last year :) But I think all will go well.

Our teaching pool got a little stagnant with all of our focus on the people closest to baptism (and we lost a bit of time organizing the visit with the Federal Police that will happen on Friday... and it´ll be the first time that we don´t have a Police agent who is a member to help us out on the inside [insert://pleaforextraprayers] so we´re sweating a little even though we´ve got A/C in the office). This coming week = study and application of chapter 9! We´re going for at least 15 lessons with members and as many GOOD referrals as possible.

This morning we went to the temple. What a blessing to have a temple in Curitiba. It is so wonderful to go in and have the temple President say, "well, I dunno if there´s gonna be space for you, cause 2 stakes from Santa Caterina rented charter buses to take all of their recent converts and youth to the temple."  That´s when you know that the church is really growing!

I made chocolate chip cookies for the baptism last week and that was like opening "uma lata de minhoca..." Now the whole Relief Society is asking for the recipe (and for mom to send more chocolate chips)!

That´s all we´ve got for this week. Next week, Elder House vs. Federal Police and photos of Elizebeth in white :)


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