Monday, September 1, 2014

Parque de Fonte Semana 2

Last email from a myldsmail account? Very possibly.

This week was great. I taught one of the best lessons of my mission this week. I was in exchanges with Elder Stout and we were talking with a few people on a street when i saw a little girl in the doorway of a house and I felt "TALK WITH HER." I asked her if her parents would be able to come talk with us but she said no. So we asked if there was some adult who could come to the gate, and she quickly disappeared inside the house. We waited and waited and finally a young man (named Miquéias) came out of the house and said that he was Baptist and didn´t like to "mix things" (which is one of the most common phrases we hear as missionaries... that and, "my mom is taking a shower and can´t come to the door right now" which makes me belive that the people of Paraná spend more time showering than any other group of people on the planet). But we asked him if he would accept hearing a small message from the scriptures and he accepted. We started reading a little about the importance of having prophets and he got very excited and told us that he had stopped going to church about a year ago and that he had lots of questions about the scriptures. He loved hearing about how the Lord called a prophet in our times and about the book of mormon. We then used the book of mormon to explain his questions about where his brother went when he died. we invited him to baptism and he accepted. but got sad thinking about his brother who died without baptism. he asked us if there was any way to help him. we taught about vicarious baptism and he wanted to be baptized as soon as possible to then help his brother. the only catch. he lives in curitiba. i passed the referral and I hope they get to him as soon as possible.

Vigilatto is ready to be baptized on 6/09. I had commented that I lost my scarf in an exchange and he gave me one as a present. I am excited to keep in contact with him for the rest of my life. It is amazing how good of friends you can become in only a few weeks when you have spiritual experiences together.

There are so many other things I wanted to say today, but i don´t have time to write.