Monday, August 26, 2013

Bonsucesso Semana 6

Rain, followed by sun, gets muggy, then drizzles.
BBQ with young men, bratwurst that sizzles,
One brought some coke, temptation that fizzles.
Searching in Centro for some new kicks that rizzle.

This week was great. Last P-Day, we burnt a bit of meat with the young men of the branch and played some Volley-ball, Basketball, and queimado (which is a derivative of Dodgeball, but more team oriented, and requires only one ball). I made up a little BBQ sauce with vinegar, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, and one of those magical Penzy´s spices called Peri-Peri... BBQ sauce pretty much doesn´t exist here, so eating a bite of the pork that I did with that sauce roasted on was a pretty thrilling experience for a few Guarapuavan teenagers :) We also cooked up some bratwurst and beef. One forgot that the missionaries don´t drink coke, and showed up with a big old two liter bottle... but we stuck out firm and just drank Guaraná (which is the best type of soft drink in the world... if you can find some Guaraná Antartica somewhere, let it get really cold and drink it with pizza or BBQ and you´ll see why I´ll have one suitcase filled with 2L bottles of it here in about a year).

Tomorrow we´ll be in the city center for a combined District Meeting and hopefully I can look for some new shoes and a new shoulder bag... after about a year, they are both in pretty sorry shape. My bag has been being shredded from the first few weeks back in Colombo, but I have been stitching and patching and pinning the poor thing back together to have something to carry my scriptures in. I tried to take pictures of it, but it didn´t do justice of how bad it really is. My shoes are also getting pretty close to the end of their useful lives, but I´m happy about that! Means that I´ve been doing work :)

And work we have been doing. This week we found some very promising people to teach. One is a young man of 20 years named Lucas. We were talking with him on the street about a block from the Chapel (you can see the big white point from about 2 miles away) and invited him to a Wednesday night activity. He went and loved it! We gave him a tour of the chapel and he felt the Spirit testifying that this is no ordinary place. When we showed him the baptismal font, he became very excited and started asking a bunch of questions about the church and authority and everything else that makes a missionary´s heart go thump thump thump. Yesterday he was at church for the Sacrament Meeting and felt at peace. Hopefully next Sunday we´ll have pictures in white :)

Well I love being a missionary and teaching the Gospel. I love sharing my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, about the Book of Mormon, and how the Gospel has blessed, is blessing, and will bless my family for eternity.


Elder House

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