Monday, August 19, 2013

Bonsucesso Semana 5 (and 4)

Well last week was so crazy I couldn´t even send a good letter home. And this week I´ll have to put in just the basics.

We are renewing our teaching pool cause everybody moved, started working strange hours, fell off the deep end with addictions and doesn´t want visitors, or is lying to us. Sometimes it happens like that, and you just have to start over.

I am very excited about the progress of several people. One is a lady named Beatriz, that we helped get the documentation to marry, and now she is just waiting on her husband to be in town so they can mark the date, and marry, and be baptized! Others are two cousins who were out on a search for a better life, and when we taught about the Plan of Salvation, they understood why they are here, and what they need to do to return to the presence of God. And now they are progressing by leaps and bounds.

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking in church. It went great, cause usually in our branch giving a talk consists of reading a chapter out of an old Gospel Doctrine manual... which would put anyone to sleep. So I put a little pep in the meeting :) The branch president, who is an ex-police chief and likes to (try to) run the branch the same way he ran the Polícia Militar back in the day, thought it was a little out of the ordinary, but the branch loved it. So we´re making a little noise here in Guarapuava, and getting things running the way they ought to be :)

That´s all we´ve got time for today, but next week I´ll make sure to write a nice little email home!


Elder House

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