Monday, September 9, 2013

Bonsucesso Semana 8 (and 7)

I think I´ll have to send out the weekly email on the weeks that I don´t have to do the Zone Report :) I feel like that little elf from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie... Busy busy busy!

Today we went to a waterfall called `São Francisco` which was very nifty. It reminded me quite a bit of Multnomah Falls... and has almost 200m of fall.

Well transfers happened and guess what? My companion was called to be the new AP! It was pretty cool to watch lighting strike at my side and walk out unharmed :) I received as my new companion, Elder F. Silva. He´s a stud and was trained at the same time as me in the ward just to the east of the Ramo Colombo... so we were already pretty good friends and always joked about being LZ´s out in Guarapuava... imagine how we felt when it happened about 5 months later!

This week we were in Curitiba and Prudentópolis doing baptismal interviews and receiving leadership training. President Fernandes has a very lofty vision of where he wants our mission to go. I am very excited to help it happen!

One of our investigators had a baptismal date for yesterday and was progressing so well!! She had stopped drinking, smoking, and a bunch of other stuff, was coming to church, activities, etc but was also looking for work. She was having a really hard time finding a job but (we thought) her and our prayers were answered when she started working at the Superpão Supermarket... but that means she is at the bottom of the totem pole and has to work Sundays for several weeks :( So our prayers were (sort of) answered.

This week we once again reworked our teaching pool... is turns over more easily than that old Chevy S10 we used to have. But it means that we get to know pretty much EVERYONE in the city. Even the dogs know us! If you think I´m kidding you should spend a half hour with Elder Gomes and you´ll see all of the dogs that we pass by get all excited cause they know that he´ll scratch behind their ears! The dude is crazy, but that´s why he got called to be AP :)

The hot weather (and thunderstorms) returned so I´m thinking about having some little old seamstress make me up some sort of umbrella sheath. (The good thing about always having an umbrella on ya, is you always have some sort of defense against the dogs who aren´t dumb enough to run away when you reach down like you´re gonna grab a rock to wallop ´em with.)


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