Monday, August 5, 2013

Bonsucesso Semana 3

Alrighty! Muita muita coisa...

So... That Monday when I got here, it got very very cold (for Brazilian standards) and everyone started talking in hushed whispers... será que vai nevar? I was doubting that we would really see the white stuff, considering that the last time it snowed here was over 30 years ago... but even with my doubting heart, it snowed... and i mean snowed. In about a half hour we got over an inch! It came down like crazy and abruptly stopped, but at some point in the middle of the night, it snowed even more, leaving us with a very white july afternoon! It was one of the coolest (no pun intended) things that has happened whilst I´ve been here. Imagine trying to plan for the next day when the desk of your Brazilian companion faces a very large window and snow is falling #failure. In Minas Gerais and Manaus, they don´t get much snow... in fact my companion (the Minero named Elder Gomes), and another missionary in the house (from Manaus named Elder Luan) had never seen it. Needless to say, the next morning was spent watching Brazilians play in the snow! Something I won´t forget anytime soon.

Being cold, every stayed home, which was great for us, because every single house we passed by had people at home :) The only trial of our faith was that boots were ruled out as a shoe option in our mission on the day of snowfall... so we walked all the way to District Meeting in our little shiny mission shoes. (Luckily President Fernandes thought better of it, and called us the next day to authorize the use of boots again :)  )

These weeks were full of teaching and we have several people on the brink of baptism.They have testimonies of the Book of Mormon, but each one has something that is holding them back. I think this week will be a week of miracles for us.

I don´t know how to express how much I love getting letters, even when I´m a total slacker and don´t have time to write back. We have been looking for a new house because ours is very old and yucky, and as a Zone Leader over 6 sisters who are also looking for houses, things get busy... and then take out two days for a jumbo conference in Curitiba (5 hours by bus) and the week gets going. But I´m happy and ready to work.

Off to approve a house for a trio!


Elder House

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