Monday, July 22, 2013

Bonsucesso Semana 1

Welp... Transfers got interesting this week. Got a call yesterday afternoon. Elder House going to Bonsucesso in Guarapuava! woohoo!

wait a second...

isn´t that the area of the Zone Leaders...


`sim.` (which is to say `yes`)

I´ve now got some very large shoes to fill. Good thing the Lord qualifies those who he calls. I´m sure i´ll be spending plenty of extra time on my knees this transfer.

Alright, so I´m now in the very center of the state of Paraná in a city called Guarapuava. It was always my dream to serve in this city and be a Leader, and I even asked that the Lord, that one day I could serve here as a Zone Leader... but I was thinking that it would take a little longer. It is a very neat little city, and very cold. We have a chance of snow tonight! Imagine that, serving in Brasíl and getting snow.

This last week in Ipê was very exciting. The marriage of Vilson and Valdete went very smoothly, and I played Bach´s Prelude in C as they entered. I remember that my piano teacher gave me that piece to learn saying `one day you´ll be asked to play for a wedding, and you won´t know what to use as they enter, but if you play this nice and slow it´ll all go well...` so when we needed someone to play piano, I asked a kid in the ward to print me off a copy! This time I´ll save the sheet music.

I was honored that Valdete asked me to perform her baptism, and it was a very spiritual experience. The water was nice and warm and she and Vilson both cried a little when the ward welcomed them with open arms. I´m going to miss Ipê, and all the members there. It was hard at first to help them work as missionaries, but in these last few weeks we were teaching over 15 lessons per week with members. Miracles happen.

So now on to filling very large shoes left here in the interior.

With love,

Elder House

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