Monday, July 15, 2013

Ipe Semana 17

Anyone who has participated in missionary work knows that working with the members is key. When you have members who help people feel welcome at church, who visit the people you are teaching, who have Volkswagen mini-buses (here we call them `Combies`) to take loads of people to church, and who break into your house at night to give you homemade pizza... you know that you are in a good ward. This week we had a hard time coordinating visits with members... so if they couldn´t go with us when we were visiting people, the members just went and visited them another time. This was a miracle. And as a result we had 15 people at church yesterday to visit. If you want the missionaries to get all giddy inside... ask them who you can go visit and take a plate of cookies to invite them to church... or who needs to be invited over for barbecue. But be ready with smelling salt, cause they just might keel over and pass-out.

This coming week we will have the wedding and baptism of Vilson and Valdete. Lots of photos to come. We are also helping some other people who are prepared but scared to enter the waters of baptism. With much prayer and fasting, I think we´ll help them make it. It is possible that this is my last week in Ipê... if not, then Elder V. Silva will leave, but I think he´ll stay and help more of these people he was sent to teach.

The sun returned for at least a few days. And everyone stopped complaining about the cold :)

This week will be one to remember and I am very grateful for the prayers on behalf of the missionaries.


Elder House

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