Monday, July 8, 2013

Ipe Semana 16

Although we didn´t have fireworks, our week went out with a bang.

President Fernandes arrived. And he is on fire. He is really going to help this new mission (Brasíl Curitiba South) start off on the right foot. He served as a missionary under President Costa back in the day... which is to say, less than 20 years ago. President Fernandes is only 40 years old, and has a nice little family of 5 children, ranging from 8 years of age to 16. We had the opportunity to meet them on Thursday which was very neat. He was born in Angola but moved to Portugal when he was a teenager because of the civil war there. Eventually he ended up in a little bitty town in the jungle of western Brasíl and served in Manaus. He met his wife in Portugal, and most recently they were living in São Paulo. He is not very tall, but he has plenty of spunk.

This week we were very grateful that we left our eyes open to be looking for the people who God prepared for us, and we found many of them. Reginaldo is an incredible man (with 6 fingers on his left hand) who is working his tail-end off to support his father´s enormous family that lives in the interior of Paraná. We found him as we were waiting for another family to get home from work, and started to teach him as he was washing his work clothes in a big tub. We ended up teaching him all about the Restoration of the Gospel, about the Book of Mormon, and about the importance of being baptized into the church of Christ by someone who has authority to do so. And we marked the baptismal date for the 20th of this month. Yesterday at church, he felt the Spirit very strong and is excited to be baptized.

Vilson and Valdete are doing great and ready for baptism also on the 20th. A sister in the ward is going to make a big cake for the marriage and baptism, so we are sure that we´ll have a good turn out!

This week was filled with teaching and finding new people, and we participated in a few miracles which are certainly journal worthy.

I love missionary work, and helping people take the challenge to read the Book of Mormon to know if the Church is true. And I know that every single person who wants to know, will know if they read, reflect, and ask in faith.


Elder House

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