Monday, March 4, 2013

Colombo Semana 15

So this week was exciting!

Dirceu took a line from Amy Winehouse and said "no, no, no" to rehab (he ran away from rehab, almost 45 km!! I love that crazy dude... But he is going to try again in a better facility, that actually has doctors and beds and security), we slaughtered ducks for Sister Cida, a recent convert named Everson's little sister wants to be baptized muito, and we are teaching a big group of Hatian drug dealers... #Colombo

I actually don't think the Hatians are drug dealers but a few of them have false names which raised an eybrow... Brasil accepted many refugees after the earthquake and they are working and studying here... Only problem is they don't speak much Portuguese, so we are talking in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but teaching using videos in French... I could really use a couple copies of The Book of Mormon in French and or Hatian, but ther don't have them available in Brasil.


Elder House

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