Monday, March 25, 2013

Colombo Semana 16

Well this was your pretty run of the mill missionary week... But with splits almost everyday. I spent more time with other people than with Elder Rocha. They went well but it took a lot of time (and money) out of the week.

This coming week, it looks like we´ll have two people ready for baptism. Gregorio is the last person in his family (wife and children already members) and they are very excited. This week they are going to visit the temple and this weekend will be his baptism. He is very excited, but his children are thrilled! The other is Gabriele but she may or may not be in town this week. She is 13 and very ready to make baptismal covenants. She actually lives a little ways away, but she comes to visit her brother often, and will be baptised the next time she is in town.

Things going well in Colombo!


Elder House

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