Saturday, January 18, 2014

Agua Verede Semana 13

I think it´s the 13th week here... I lost count :)

Today we will have the baptism of Josenildo de Souza Sr... who will be baptized by Josenildo de Souza Jr! One of the members in our ward is the CES director for Curitiba and for 30 some odd number of years has been waiting for this day to come. His parents are from Pernambuco and they came down to visit for a few months. That was all that Josenildo and the missionaries needed to finish the work that the Lord has been doing on the hearts of his parents. Vai ser bem legal!

It has been raining like crazy!! The favela turned into a swamp. Thank goodness for those timberland boots. When they die, I dunno what I´m gonna do.

This week was wonderful to have a zone conference all about chapter 8. I´ve been on my little soap box about planning sessions and key-indicators since my first area and everyone just rolled their eyes... until President and the Assistants gave an amazing training about the importance of following Preach My Gospel in every way possible. I learned so much and am way happy that my companions are catching the spirit of PMG!

I think I´m gonna move to Brazil to open a little cookie shop... cause when you make chocolate chip cookies (thanks Mom for sending the stuff!) todo mundo fica loco! My companion from Goias wanted to try making cookies without any help, so I let him try. They turned out pretty good but when he took them out of the oven the pan slipped out of his hand #cookiepancakes.


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