Monday, April 1, 2013

Ipe Semana 2

Turns out you can spell ee-PAY with an I or a Y

I love this ward! The people here love the missionaries and are eager to help with the missionary work. The challange will be dragging me companion out from almoço because they all like to talk so much! My companion Elder Yesquen from Peru has been out for 8 months and has been here in the area for a few transfers. He is a good missionary, but we are working on getting the area running at 100% speed again. The Elder I am replacing was finishing his mission, and boy was he ready to go home. So this week we found many new people to teach, and we have several people ready to be baptized in the coming month. The area is very large... as was Colombo, but here they don´t have any hills, so it is physically possible to cross the whole area on foot... takes a while, but it´s possible.

Today we went into the center of Curitiba to a `Cartório` looking for a birth certificates for a young couple we are teaching, named Ricardo and Mahara. After a `little´ wait (think DMV type beauracracy with a very distinctly Brazilian flavor) we got the documents and ran back to another Cartório where they will be married on the 20th of this month, and baptized the following day!

Yesterday we celebrated easter, and recieved chocolate eggs `de mais` ... Still recovering. Also, it being my first sunday, they asked me to speak in church, and teach a class, and help with a training... and starting next week, I´ll also be playing the piano for the ward :) It was very busy, but wonderful.

As always, I never have enough time to write all that I want to, but I hope that Easter went well and that Calli ate my share of pita bread and taziki! 


Elder House

P.S. I saw that picture of the family with Anthony... somebody needs to put a brick on that little girl´s head, or she´s gonna be taller than me when I get back!!

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