Monday, April 8, 2013

Ipe Semana 3

Conference Weekend is more or less Christmas for missionaries. Any answer you could ever want is hidden somewhere in the discourses of General Conference :) Answers to personal questions, answers to the questions of investigators, and answers for questions you didn´t even know you had. This conference was truly a revelatory experience. I almost had to listen to conference in Portuguese, but they set up a little room for the people who wanted to hear the actual voices of the General Authorities.

Here, pretty much everyone comes to the chapel on Sunday in church attire, but on Saturday, about half watch at home. They have translators who are translating conference in real time and that is what is broadcasted to the chapels across Brasíl.

I don´t know if it is just because I´m a missionary and therefore more sensitive to comments about missionaries, but it seemed like just about every speaker talked about the responsibilities of members in helping the gospel grow.

The missionary work in Ipê is going well and we are preparing what will be a wonderful wedding and baptism! This coming week will be very busy :)

Also... The mission rules have changed regarding email. We now have more time to send email and can send and receive emails from anyone who lives outside our mission boundaries, and people of the same gender within. This includes anyone back at home who would like to. I can be reached at


Elder House

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