Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time is Starting to Fly - November 7, 2012

Well this week has been pretty normal. Wake up, study, eat, tell Brazilians to slow down because I can't quite understand them, repeat. Hahaha. We lost our Brazilian companieros de quarto this week, so hopefully we can get some more this week. We aren't allowed to send pictures from the CTM, and we can only takes them on p-day and when people leave, so in a couple weeks, you can see my companions and these amazing Brazilian missionaries.
I am very excited to hear that Emily and Hillary both have their mission calls! Two great sisters to join the work. Hilary is going to love Brazil, but it'll mess with her Spanish really bad... but that's okay right? And the people of Argentina are blessed to have such a great sister headed their way. Please let me know when other people get their calls, because I don't really have any communication other that email right now. I sent home my address in a pouch that was supposed to go through Salt Lake City and get there within a week, but other than that, mail can take up to a month to get to the States from here, and about 10 days from the States to here...
Sitting with the workers who cook at the CTM and keep the grounds is very neat. They often don't know much about the church but they love talking with us in the cafeteria. They seem to think highly of the church and hopefully some will read the books we've given them.
I'm glad to see that Calli's halloween party was a success! She looked like a great little miss Granger. And I really liked Dad's missionary kit.
My companion in Provo, Elder Smith leaves next tuesday, and he is starting to freak out a little bit. Haha. I'm sure I will be too, but for now I am mostly excited.
The time is flying here as we continue to prepare for our service. Last night for devotional our district sang a little song and it was really good. I love Brazilians, but singing is often not a strong point for them  so when the Americans do musical numbers, everyone is just a little happier!
Our time is nearly up and we need to go jump on laundry. Bummer about the presidential election... but let me know how the local ones turned out as well!
Love you,
Elder House

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