Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Week esta completed!

Well this letter is coming after a little bit of a let down... A Brazilian news agency came to do a special TV report on the Church and our district of missionaries (4 of us) and a couple others were going to be interviewed on what it is like to be a missionary and be in the MTC. The First Presidency granted special permission for a crew to come in but their news anchor is sick... So we waited for about an hour and a half for them to show up but they never did. Guess we lost half a preparation day for naught :/ Now we just need to go into hyper productive mode to get the rest of our laundry done asap before classes start this evening.
My companion Elder Smith recieved his visa today, and we highly suspect that he was staying in this MTC until this news crew came so that we could have at least a couple missionaries going to Brazil talk with them, and not just the ones bound for Portugal, Boston, and Cape Verde. Anyways, that will be bitter sweet because I know that he'll have a great time in the Brazil CTM, but it means that I get left in a threesome. It'll be good though.
Andrew and Wendy (and Ansley) get special blessings this week for sending cookies :) And so do Calli and Carsten for sending letters... Oh, and thanks for the leatherman and luggage strap! Since we can't chew gum, we could probably use some lifesaver mints :) And my branch president said I should ask for the family to put together a little picture album to send to me, and things of that sort from friends as well.
Well things here move at a breakneck pace as we learn the language as we learn how to teach. I learned last night, that "Josiane" is actually a returned missionary who had been acting as someone she knew very well and doing her best to respond as Josiane had in Sao Paulo. The Sister who was acting is now one of my teachers, so the lesson last night was just a tad awkward as I got to know who she really is... Its terrible that I can't remember her name right now. But she is a wonderful teacher and I know that I'll be able to learn a lot from her.
I saw Elder Yack a couple days ago! He now works at the MTC teaching missionaries who are going to be serving state side. He wanted to know how the family was doing and remembered how amazing mom's cooking is. I told him that all is well in the House home!
I've pretty much adjusted to the schedule here, but it is often hard to get everything done before 10:30! But as we've learned, obedience brings blessings... exact obedience works miracles.
Well I would love to hear from ya'll! Our computer time is also a bit shorter cause we lost several hours waiting for the TV crew... But we were promised blessings for being ready and willing to represent the church :)
Elder Conner House

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