Monday, January 14, 2013

Columbo Semana 8

Well we had a great little week here in Colombo. Miracle and all.

Sometimes in Colombo, we lose water. Don´t know exactly why, but about once or twice a week we don´t have water when we wake up... usually when we have to wake up early to go to a meeting or something. But here on Saturday it was just a normal day and we didn´t have water when we got up. So I exercised for the alloted time but still no water to take showers, cook, and get ready for the day. So I suggested to Elder Trevisanut that we just switch up our shcedule just a little, shifting our study up an hour earlier and get ready at the end... and use our time as effectively as possible to study for the full time. The FULL time. So we did just that, we prayed and studied the scriptures for the hour of personal study. Then we did our two hours of companionship study/new missionary training. Sometimes during we get a bit sidetracked as we study together, but on Saturday, we were dead focused. About 20 minutes before we were done, Elder T asked if we should go check the water yet. I told him that I´d turned the faucet on the shower so we would hear the water when it came on. So we kept studying diligently. And at 10:00 exactly... exactly... on the second according to Elder Trevisanut´s watch, we heard the shower downstairs start pumping out water.

Miracles happen.

But the miracle we see most is the change of heart that we as missionaries see in people nearly every day. And to watch it happen is a great blessing. The thing about miracles is that if you don´t believe that God has the power to work them, he won´t let you see them nearly as often. And if you don´t give thanks when you have them happen, you will probably stop recognizing them in your life.


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