Monday, January 7, 2013

Colombo 2013!

Long time no email... Desculpe

On Christmas, President asked that we not email because we were skyping/calling. Then on New Year´s all the internet houses in our area were closed. In the city, things stay open, but in the favela, everything shuts down for about 2 days before and 2 days after. And this week, we had a temple trip yesterday so our p-day got switched around. The Curitiba temple is gorgeous... The grounds, the interior, and the artwork are all amazing! It was nice to be able to worship in the temple again after a couple months. Hopefully we´ll get to go every once in a while.

Well we got an announcement that Elder Oaks, Elder Costa, and Bishop Stevenson are coming to visit on the 26th of this month. Usually when an Apostle comes to visit a mission, they visit several at a time. But this time, they are flying into Curitiba for a few hours for a special mission conference and flying back out... as in more time on the plane than on the ground... So they must have something special to tell us. Exciting!

New Years was crazy... The air was filled with fireworks. But people here don´t like big sparkly fireworks, just really loud booms! So it sounded like a war zone for a good hour. We went over to the house of a member and had churrasco which was awesome. In winter I hear that´s just about all we eat. Maybe not awesome with the word of wisdom, but I´m looking forward to it :)

Okay, so maracujá is probably passion fruit... but it is sUUUuper good. You have to buy one that when you shake it, you can feel stuff slosh around inside it. Cut it open and pour the goop, seeds and all, into a blender with a bunch of sugar and milk. Walah! Vitamina de Maracujá!

Thanks so much for the Swedish fish and Jelly Beans. On Christmas we took them to a dinner to share and everyone loved them!

Well the work here is going a little slowly. We are teaching tons of lessons, but we need to marry tons of people. We have 10 couples who need to marry before baptism. But that isn´t as simple as it ought to be... one of the two doesn´t want to, or they don´t have the right paperwork, or it costs a bunch for people who are from a certain town, or they don´t want their children from a different person to feel bad about not being married to their dad, or they want to have a dinner with all their family who they haven´t seen for 15 years and probably won´t see before they die... you get the idea :) But hopefully we´ll have the first wedding in two weeks, and get the ball rolling!

Well the first transfer is over, and Elder Trevisanut and I are still together. He is district leader now so we are gonna have some extra duties. But it is really cool because everyone in our district is either training or being trained. And one elder is only two transfers in and already training! But that is gonna be the story of our mission starting in about 3 months... we are going from 180 to 300 missionaries this year! So everyone will be training, and opening areas. Which is really cool!

Welp I hope all is well at home and that the New Year has begun well. 2013 is gonna be great!


Elder Conner House

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