Monday, December 3, 2012

Curitiba...Well Actually Colombo

I am done with training and finally in the field. My first area is Colombo, which is a suburb on the northern side of Curitiba. My companion is Elder Victor Trevisanut from Vancouver WA. And he is a great missionary.

On tuesday, all we recieved were keys to the house and "boa sorte" to open the area for missionary work. So instead of having everything all set up with a companion who had been in the Branch of Colombo, or a nice list of people who were taught the last time there were missionaries in the area, we walked in blind... So what do you do? Go to work!!

We've already met with dozens of families to teach about the restoration of Christ's church again on the earth. The people here are so friendly. Colombo is somewhere between 2nd and 3rd world, and the people are very humble. Our house as of yet has no sink, and no hot water, but we do have a few pans and a fork :) That's all you really need right?

Yesterday was a great blessing to be able to meet with the members in the branch. They are excited for the work, and the people here are excited to learn. By the time I leave the mission, there will be a ward here for sure, probably several. The biggest challenge right now is that the chapel is several Km away... and it costs 5 reais for a bus pass to and from church. Multiply that by 5 or 6 in a family and we're looking at a very expensive trip. Very few members have cars, and those who do are already helping to bring people to church. For now, we are hoping that we can get authorization to use a different building in Colombo instead of the chapel in Boa Vista until we have enough members to build a chapel here.

I have to get off, but I want to testify of milagres. Each day, we are seeing incredible things happen, certainly more that I can write today. But I am very happy to be here, and so far, the people of Colombo seem to like this gringo with a super heavy American sotaque.

Love Elder House

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