Saturday, May 3, 2014

Agua Verde Semana 28

Weeks are passing so fast I can hardly believe it. This week we made lots of progress in our area. We were able to go out every single day of the week with members to help us teach and were able to find lots of new people to teach.

Also, Irineu came to church! We walked a half hour to his house to walk with him to church, but when we got there, nobody came to the door. We clapped and clapped, but nobody came to the window. So then we had the bright idea to call him... and he was about one block from the chapel walking to church with one of our recent converts. I think the Lord just wanted to test our faith to see if we´d go all the way out to his house :)
We took a few investigators to the temple and they loved it! The temple is such a peaceful place, and it is hard to NOT feel the Spirit when we are there. I am happy that the ward seems to be putting an emphasis on taking the primary children to see the temple gardens and feel to power of that sacred place. It is a huge blessing to have a temple close by.
The cold (relatively speaking) is coming on. The other day it was 13 degrees Celsius and everyone was already complaining about the cold... I was talking with another missionary from Oregon (Elder Erickson) and then we realized that 13 degrees Celsius is probably the average temperature of Oregon! There is a recently returned missionary in the ward here who was serving in Boston, and he was laughing about how it was the first time he saw feet of snow! (and how he thought it was much less cool when he had to help shovel it).
We are helping several people fight against addictions to cigarettes and alcohol. Any ideas on how to help them break the habit?
Very excited to skype with the family next Sunday!!

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